Coming Soon: Pac-Man: The Movie (WTF!!!???)

Yes, you read it right. It’s Pac-Man!

Still not going all WTF? Perhaps this little cap could refresh your memory.

Too bad if you’re too young to remember or were born after the old-skool Atari and MicroGenius era.

“In 2004, Crystal Sky Pictures announced they were producing a theatrical film adaption titled Pac-Man: The Movie. It will combine live-action and special effects. The film was included in a $200 million deal with Grosvenor Park.”

I found out about it when I was looking through the list of upcoming releases that are based on video games. First I saw Tekken: The Movie. I thought okay, acceptable. It could probably at least turn out to be something like Mortal Kombat: The Movie. Then I started going all “WTF?!” when I saw King of Fighters: The Movie on the list. And they are casting flat-chested Maggie Q as the famous busty and bouncy Mai Shiranui. Apparently the shooting was completed earlier this year and they are currently in post-production of the film. I saw some of the early photo stills and right away I thought, mannnn, I am so gonna watch this just to see how it miserable it is gonna turn out. Hopefully not as bad as like both of the Street Fighter live action movies.

Anyway back to the main topic. This movie is either gonna turn out to be the best based on video game movie ever or turn out to be the biggest flop ever of the decade. If I were them, I would just use the name Pac-Man as the title for the film but make the storyline not very much related to the game. Like for an example; a couple goes to the funfare and gets lost in a haunted maze.

But anyhow they’re gonna do it, I sure hope this Pac-Man movie will have a better concept than these guys:-

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