Buzzer Beat

(Drama Series Review)

Japanese english is still the same, broken as hell. Probably just as bad as our Manglish (did you know that some foreigners here couldn’t even understand what we mean by “come go eat”?). The title of the series is already grammatically wrong (it should be ‘buzzer beater’, ‘beat the buzzer’ or ‘beating the buzzer’. For basketball noobs, it basically means scoring right before the time of a half or quarter is ended by the buzzing alarm sound), let alone the action and the general knowledge of basketball itself. They got it all wrong.

After only watching the first half of the first episode, I couldn’t take it anymore. The dialogues (through reading the English subtitles) sound extremely corny and childish. I’m not gonna judge the plot and storyline as I didn’t even finish one single episode (and I’d never will) but the main reason why I, or most of any other guys are attracted to watch it is definitely because it’s supposedly about basketball and how could they make any kind of film production about it when their actors can’t even act like they can play?! The characters in the series are from the so-called PROFESSIONAL Basketball Association, NOT high school. They can’t even dribble properly… WTF man.

My fucking god man, wasted my time download this disappointing crap. What’s most annoying is that they use the term “buzzer beat” instead of “buzzer beater” in the show. “It was the most beautiful buzzer beat I’ve ever seen.” *Slaps forehead* I think the stupid producer named the series this to avoid having the exact same title as the manga/anime.

In terms of basketball, My MVP Valentine was like a hundred times better than both Hot Shot and Buzzer Beat combined. The director of My MVP Valentine was probably active in basketball before hence the series had solid common sense about the game. It wasn’t precise, but it was good enough and that also was probably because they had genuine national, state and college basketball players acting in the show.

More infos about Buzzer Beat here.

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  1. *Ynot

    cool catch phrase?! like "nice buzzer beat-tohh" ?! LOL

    trust me it's shyt. the only probable reason to watch this show is the sailormars/tokyo drift chick.

  2. Tony

    dude, this is not meant to be a pure basketball drama. its meant to be a romance drama, and the ratio of romance to basketball is supposed to be like 10:1. so dunt go watching it expecting it to be NBA.

  3. *Ynot


    Dude, I believe that My MVP Valentine and Buzzer Beat are both the same: SPORTS-ROMANCE dramas. MVP Valentine minimised the basketball scenes eventhough they had actor who can play basketball. Unlike Buzzer Beat which doesn't even have a single dude who can act like that could play even a little and yet they have many basketball scenes.. And therefore this is not a good "sports-romance drama". They did a great job hiring a director that do not even possess basic knowledge of basketball and half of episode one was enough to expose that.

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