District 9 | Movie review

To me, this is perhaps the best movie released this year. Some people may not enjoy the techniques used to film the picture as the cinematography is like half-documentary styled. I was sitting on the front row of the cinema so that kinda added to the effect and it made me felt extremely dizzy in the first half of the show but fortunately I got used to it after that. Other than that, the film is absolutely superb. Apparently this is the main actor’s and the director’s debut movie, which is very hard to believe as they both have done exceptionally well respectively. The CGI is probably the best I’ve seen in a live action film. GI Joe‘s CGI is like a fly’s crap compared to this. The plot is apparently influenced by the events of District 6 (hence the title of the film which I was wondering about) but to me the film is more like a metaphor in showing the ugly side of human nature: The cruel violence, selfishness, lack of gratitude, racism (aliens being the ‘coloured’ race), slavery, poverty and the government. The film consists of pretty graphic violent scenes and lots of the ‘F’ word until even our lame ass censorship board gave up in censoring halfway through the show.

Ah, what more can say? Just simply brilliant.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

The show was also based on the short film which Neil Blomkamp, the director of the film; produced with a few others. Here it is, “Alive in Joberg”.

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