Movie Review: Up

I stopped wanting to watch English animated films since after A Shark’s Tale as I thought it was horrible. However I did watch Ratatouille and Kung Fu Panda at the cinemas years after that but they were only so-so and then I never felt like watching another one until today ’cause I heard from many that this one’s really good.

Up is real a masterpiece. It’s sweet, it’s touching, it’s funny, it’s innocent, it’s Disney (and Pixar) at their best again. The graphics, music, storyline, humour, voice acting, emotions captured; ahhh, just basically everything, EVERYTHING was impressive to me. I think the highlight of the show to me is the dog character called Dug. Not gonna spoil anything for you. Watch it! Worths every penny and second.

Thanks to Up, my long lost faith in English animated films is now restored. Gonna go look for Wall-E now as I haven’t seen it…

Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. *Ynot

    watching it at home probably wont be as nice. somemore if you download, you wont get the pixar animation that is being shown before the actual movie starts in the cinema.

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