UPCOMING RELEASES with the number 9ine.

I know it’s 2009 but still what’s with title of these 3 upcoming films? Fortunately they won’t be released on the same month otherwise purchasing the tickets at the cinemas would be confusing and troublesome.

District 9

As most of my friends know, I am a genuine believer of extra-terrestrial existence. I know there still aren’t much of an evidence that they exist but I’ve been an obsessed with UFOs since I was little. I wish they’re well and I wish their natural nature is peaceful, free and kind. Cause’ if they are, I wish they’d take me away one day. ANYWAY, District 9 is releasing this Thursday and I’m so gonna watch it. I remembered how much I loved the movie Independence Day (yes, one of the pioneers of movies that have a storyline which involves the USA-saving-the-world that kinda crap) when I was a kid (and cried at one of the scenes. My friends actually scolded me when I told them that. But that’s cause’ they cried watching The Notebook and I didn’t. Haha!). It’s interesting to see others imagine how the aliens might be. Argh, can’t wait to catch the show!

EDIT: For my review on this film, click here.


This Tim Burton stop motion CGI animation film is scheduled to be released in the US on the 9th next month. It’s Tim Burton, man but how come the film doesn’t seem to be dark like the other Tim Burton films? Very uninspiring trailer. But well, never judge a book by it’s cover.

EDIT: Tim Burton was only one of the producers of this film. He did not write or direct this film. It was based on a stop motion short by the real director of the show, whatever his name is. I’ve seen this and I think it deserves a 2/5 rating.


This is a film based on a broadway musical. Yawn, I know. I think I would prefer watching musicals live rather than watching the movie of it. I think the only two musical films I really really liked (the kind that I’d watch a couple of times) were The Sound of Music; and Across The Universe. Anyway, this film is to be released at the end of November this year in the US.

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