Vengeance (HK)

(Movie Review)

I didn’t want watch this show but had no choice as I got to the cinema really late.

Half of the movie is in English, half in Cantonese and a little in French; directed by a famous Hong Kong director; and features many well known and respectable veteran Hong Kong actors with the leading role played by an apparent French rocker. And what’s the outcome to all that? They seemed to have confused themselves and the movie has turned out to be a laughing stock. Poor storyline, embarrassing English dialogues (which makes me wanna speak in proper English constantly) and really dumbass action scenes.

“We killed your enemies. We’re best friends now.” OMFG, man. At the last battle scene, I almost wanted to laugh myself to death. (SPOILER ALERT but not like you’re gonna watch it anyway especially after reading my comments above) The last surviving protagonist goes after the villain alone with just a handgun and the alerted villain, along with about 20 of his heavily armed bodyguards, starts running away from him until they all get shot one by one. WTF, right? (END OF SPOILER) The few intentional funny scenes aren’t gonna save this movie from getting this rating from me.

Rating: 0 / 5

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