Two Animated-Films Not Released Here

Coraline was released in the US back in February and Tim Burton’s 9 was released there as well earlier this month (09-09-09). They were both listed on Golden Screen Cinema(GSC)’s upcoming movie page of their website but now both of the titles & links are mysteriously removed from the list. Either their release are being delayed or just cancelled to be shown in Malaysia as they may not be profitable here. I do not think there is any reason to ban these two films as they are just 3D stop-motion cartoons! Just probably darker than any other usual ones. 9 is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for “violence and scary images.” Whatever it is, it is still just utterly disappointing as I was really looking forward in watching them at the cinemas.

After I finding out about this, I have downloaded Coraline through torrent and watched it. It is awesome and it is absolutely harmless! There is no reason to ban it what-so-ever. I am not going to give a full page review on it as I did not get to see it at the cinemas. Guess I am going to wait for 9 to be released on torrent as well. See what they are doing when they do not release it at the cinemas? It is indirectly forcing us to support piracy or to go for illegal downloading!

EDIT: Tim Burton was only one of the producers of this film. He did not write or direct this film. It was based on a stop motion short by the real director of the show, whatever his name is. I’ve seen this and I think it deserves a 2/5 rating but I think I enjoyed Coraline more.

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  1. *Ynot

    better than this as in? you mean the violence right? cause' there's no way that final destination is a better a movie than either one of these animations lol.

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