After watching this movie based on a novel of the same name called Nineteen Eighty-Four (I think even the story of the famous V for Vendetta was based on this novel), some of the songs that I’ve been hearing for for awhile make more sense now. Songs like Resistance, United States of Eurasia and Citizens Erased by Muse; and 2+2=5 by Radiohead.

The reason why I’ve actually bothered to look for the movie was because of my recent addiction Muse’s Resistance. The lyrics made me curious of what it actually means. Both the song and 1984 have a similar sadness and questions of totalitarianism and love. I wonder if there’s any hope for North Korean citizens who are, well, somewhat “erased”. But I think it’s normal for them now as they are all kept from being exposed to what’s outside of their nation for quite some time now. Which still sucks. I can’t imagine being one of them.

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