The Box

(Movie review)

I left the cinema a little confused although I can fully understand the plot. It’s just that some parts of the show just didn’t make sense and they weren’t really cleared up in the end. That’s probably because some scenes were censored for cinema viewing. However in overall the was very interesting. It managed to keep the plot mysterious until the final third and that kept me guessing almost throughout the show. The make up for the face of the ‘Arlington Steward’ character was very well done too. I think the REAL point of this film the writer or director wanted to make is that women are money minded and that causes big problems. Don’t worry. That ain’t gonna spoil anything for you. This is no comedy and it has no funny side to it. The show remains dark and filled with question marks getting viewers involved until the end. As the movie begins to reveal a little to clear up some mystery, the show ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ popped onto my mind; but this one is at least much more watchable.

Rating: 3 / 5

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