Michael Jackson’s This Is It

What the others say about this show was right. The film is indeed too short eventhough it’s around 2 hours long. The scenes of the show are only cuts taken from the recording of his rehearsals but they were more than enough to make us imagine the real concert. Although I’ve only watched the normal version, I bet the 3D and 2D version are way more awesome than this. From what I’ve seen and heard behind the scenes shown in this film, the King of Pop certainly did not seem like a person that would commit anything that the people had accused him of. In the show, you can easily learn that the man was talented, musically-emotional and sensitive, polite, professional and soft-spoken person.

After watching the film, I could really feel that his departure is real big loss to the world of music, although he didn’t compose most of his stuffs. At the age of 50, he was ready to perform almost like as though he was still 35 (however, the trademark moonwalk dance move was not performed when he was rehearsing Billie Jean) but well, too bad. Since the concert was cancelled, I wonder how much money was wasted. But then again there could be insurance and he could had faked his death for it. I’m just saying.

Anyhow, Michael Jackson was truely one of the best pop entertainers in music history. But he is dead in reality and this is it; a brilliantly edited film for us to enjoy a concert that never has happened and sadly, never will.

Rating: 4 / 5

Addition info: It was MJ’s death that triggered me to start this blog. Read the first ever post here.

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