The Time Traveler’s Wife

(Movie review)

The show started off pretty badly. Everything seemed so rush to me not to mention some censored scenes (due to nudity I assume). But I already expected the show to suck anyway. Not many movies adapted from novels could turn out to be as brilliant as Shawshank Redemption or so. I was wondering where the movie was going as it was confusing and there wasn’t any real plot. A lot of the things did not make sense and some scenes are just funny (weird). Like.. (SPOILER) why the fuck did he bother to dress up if he knew that he was going to travel already?! (SPOILER ENDS) But the show was still watchable just that storyline is just so fast and boring at the same time without allowing much emotion build up. The worst movies of the year are still Chun Li and Vengeance. If you have a bad taste in movies or just desperate to watch a romance show, this is definitely it. Otherwise, I would not recommend you to waste your money and time.

Rating: 1 / 5

By the way, why the heck is it called The Time Traveler’s Wife when the story is not focused on her?

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