“Twilight Sucks”

Here’s one emo song that most typical teenage or young minded girls will never like.

To have the balls to tell your friends who’re obssessed with Twilight that it really sucks is extremely difficult. Not only you’d never get them to comprehend, you’d also get cruxified by them.

“Twilight is crap.”

*Gets one hard slap at the back*

“Shadap, Twilight is freakin’ awesome, okay? You don’t like it cause’ you’re jealous!”

Whattttt? Excuse me?? But yeah maybe I am. I sooOOOo wanna be a hundred over year old teenager who wants to be with a schoolgirl. I soOOOoo wanna be a pale frowning faced emo dude (seriously, he only has one expression in the movie!) that wears lipstick and is adored by millions of pretty boy hunting girls. Okay, he’s strong and fast but he’s a bloodsucker not a human/clit-sucker! And I don’t think that anyone could possibly fall inlove with their food and have sex with it. Let’s say you found a chicken that talks and you find it “very hard to read”, would you wanna fuck it? If you even hesitated to think about it, you’re sick. Very sick. Edward Cullen is one sick flawfully written vampire.

Twilight took away the genuine coolness of vampires. Vampire stories are supposed to be dark, horrific, gothic and sophisticated but instead this bitch Stephanie Meyers (the writer of the Twilight novels) or whatever her name is, took the vampire idea, changed the “rules” and turned it into a modern teen girl romance fantasy. The movie, or at least, the first one (New Moon is not released I think), was a pure crappy mainsteam chick flick. The part where the gay vampire strips to show his bling-bling body was absolutely hilarious to my friends and I. “Oh my god, you’re beautiful!” Girls, c’mon, seriously? Underworld was bad but at least they’ve tried maintaining the “rules” of the vampires (eg; hibernate in coffin, cannot expose themselves to the sunlight, selfish, hungry for human blood, etc).

If you’re a guy who likes this piece of crap, you’re definitely gay and you have to come out of the closet. C’mon, don’t be ashamed of your sexual preference.

I’m not a very smart dude myself. Cause’ if I am, I should be tolerating and pretending that I love Twilight so that I could score some brainless Twilight teenage fangirls.

What I’m not sure is who I despise more. The writer, the film maker or the fans (whenever they talk about it as if it’s the best shyt ever).

Muse and Radiohead… why oh why did you guys agree to lend your music for the movie(s)!?

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