Storm Warriors (HK)

(Movie review)

Probably better than the first, but think again, probably not, probably worse. They have all these new characters popped out of nowhere; and this new powDerful villain holding the heroes of China including Cloud captive right from the very start of the show; as though there was a sequel to the first one before this. It’s confusing and it’s like a lot things happened in between. Okay fine, put that all aside and what did I get? A very predictable storyline sequence and lame-out-of-mah-ass dialogues.

The special effects of the fighting scenes are extremely similar to the movie “300”, and some of the small fries’ costume designs too. The slow motion “artistic” battle in the end was absolutely painful to watch. They used the effect too much throughout the show and I was utterly sick of it. The acting, as expected, is very very poor indeed. You have Aaron Kwok, who didn’t even get his moves right for sword-training scene in the movie (Michael Jackson of Asia my balls); Ekin Cheng, who is poor in acting in these Wu Xia kind of movies; Charlene Choi, who is losing her innocent charm due to age; an unknown annoying actress and oh yeah, the one whose wife got fucked by Edison Chen. All of them can’t act for shyts not even for a comicbook-based film! But Simon Yam did quite well as usual… I mean most of the time (he was in the disasterous flop “Vengeance“).

By the way, what the fuck was the Dragon Bone for? Why was it so important and why couldn’t it be chopped but could be pulled into two? Sorry, probably I wasn’t paying attention as my mind spaced out halfway through the show paying more attention to the popcorns that flirts with the molecules of my fingers before getting scorned into my speechless mouth of fangs.

Verdict: Highly NOT recommended to watch at the cinemas unless you’re desperately craving for some popcorn and air conditioning. Those who liked Twilight and New Moon might enjoy this though, because Aaron Kwon is still buff and Ekin Cheng looks pale and useless.

Rating: 1 / 5

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  1. Ryanne


    Absolutely love your review on the movie!! I have to agree with you that too heavily laden with special effects spoils anything (Look at Beowulf, Hollywood's greatest achievement of destroying the oldest English Literature in history)

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