Home-Produced Music #1

Title: Start Now
Written, composed, produced & performed by: Tony Teh
Recorded: January 2010 at home
Genre: Grunge/alternative rock
Length: 3 mins 27 secs

Please set your audio equalizer to ‘Rock’ and listen with both sides of your speakers. If your connection is slow or laggy, pause and let the song load up first.

This song is 100% original. Composed, written, arranged, produced, mixed and performed by myself. This was recorded and produced at home in my room. The vocals and guitars were recorded through a 10 ringgit PC mic that was bought more than 10 years ago. All the other instruments and effects are VSTs (virtual sound technology).

Please excuse my vocals, I was trying to sound funny/sarcastic but it turned out sounding pretty bad and I was too lazy to re-record the whole thing again. It is quite difficult to be doing this at home when my parents and neighbours are around most of the time (my room/house has no sound proof/privacy at all). Anyway, this song is literally an art of my procrastination cause’ the lyrics were written when I was supposed to be doing my college assignments. So yeah, it’s quite obvious what the song is about.

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