Movie Review: Little Big Soldier (China-HK film)

My friend and I went into the cinema not knowing what to expect from this show. We did not catch the trailer nor read the sypnosis. All we heard was that the show is a little dramatic and “emo” but judging by the poster (above), I thought it is an action comedy. It turned out that it is all of that.

Although I thought that the concept of the storyline is probably used before, the show is absolutely enjoyable to watch especially during this festive period. The ending kind of surprised me too. The only things I have to complain about the film is the acting of some of the actors. Lee Hom plays the role of a general/prince but we all know that he will never be a better actor than a musician. And also, they casted a dude (who’s probably a Korean) who could not act nor speak in Mandarin properly to play the role of the general/prince’s brother.

Favourite scene: There aren’t really many spectacular scenes but I guess I’ll just to choose the scene that was the funniest to me and that was the scene where Jackie Chan was caught by the general’s brother.

Verdict: It could be a very funny show to watch with friends and family if you are in the mood but if you were to watch it alone, the comedy may be seem a little lame. The movie also touches some moral aspects like patriotism, family, friendship and the consequences and rewards of war and retribution. But the main question that the film asks us is, would you rather die in honour or live as a disgrace?

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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