Year 2009 films seen recently

I have recently seen Avatar (3D), Up in the Air (this is not ‘Up’, the animation), An Education, Hurt Locker, Invictus and Hangover and these movies are absolutely brilliant but of course, not all of them made it into the updated list of my top ten favourites of 2009. I did not watch most of the top ten films when it was just released therefore there are no reviews for them here. I do not even remember if they were released here or not. Too many crappy shows were watched at the cinemas instead thanks to their undeserved hype (New Moon, 2012 and Transformers for example). They drew away the attention of better and lower-profiled films such as the Hurt Locker, Invictus and Up in the Air. See how important and powerful marketing is? But fortunately only good movies are appreciated and celebrated with nominations and awards.

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