Month: March 2010

What is “alternative music”?

Breaking down alternative rock genre: 70s – Punk/Experimental 80s – Indie/Gothic/Post-punk/New Wave 90s – Grunge/Britpop 00s – ?????? *Foo Fighters*Radiohead*Muse*Creed*Incubus*Arctic Monkeys*Breaking Benjamin*The Killers*Paramore*Placebo Conclusion: There is no way of defining the genre. (Click on image to enlarge it) Image source: Like & Share This Post

Green Zone

(movie review) This is a war action thriller and I fell asleep. But don’t get me wrong, it ain’t that hell of a bad for a cliche film. The plotline is about the war that happened in Iraq after the Americans have invaded the country and the search for truth about why the soldiers couldn’t …