Green Zone

(movie review)

This is a war action thriller and I fell asleep. But don’t get me wrong, it ain’t that hell of a bad for a cliche film. The plotline is about the war that happened in Iraq after the Americans have invaded the country and the search for truth about why the soldiers couldn’t find a single WMD. Now this is non-fiction story but the movie itself is not very well written. Just to create constant tension throughout the movie for the viewers, they applied the “shaky” camera shooting technique, which I thought they’ve overused for this film. And the action scenes are not impressive at all. And I think they needn’t have casted Matt Damon for the leading role.

Did I fall asleep during show? Yes.

Is it really that bad? No.

Verdict: It’s watchable but I wouldn’t waste the money and time at a cinema for it if I were you. Oh yeah and the camera shakes a lot as though the camera man was having sex everytime he’s filming.

Rating: 1.5 / 5

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