The Actual Story of ‘The City of Angels’

This is Seth. He is an angel.
He looks sad all the time because he’s been a virgin for God knows how long. God is his boss by the way

Sam’s job as an angel is to pick up little girls.

His hobby is stalking chicks.
It’s easy for him to do so because angels have abilities such as invisibility, teleportation and they can walk through objects as well whenever they want to.

But unfortunately for him, angels cannot feel like humans although humans can feel them if they were touched by them.

One day, Seth resigned as an angel and applied to be a human so that he could finally get some action. He went for the chick that he’s been stalking recently. The chick’s name is Maggie and the thing that turns her on the most are guys who are quiet, stupid and looks sad. Seth and Maggie had sex.

But in the next morning while he was taking a shower, he prayed (praying is the only way that ex-angels could communicate with their ex-colleagues and other immortals) to his former employer to remind him that he still owes him a month’s pay.
God told him that he won’t receive it anytime soon and offered him to have a human wish instead of waiting for the pay. Seth accepted the offer.

Seth’s human wish came true instantaneously. He found Maggie’s dead body on the road and had one last ride with it.

Seth felt so happy, he celebrated by running to the beach and taking a swim in the sea.


And I don’t want the world to see meyyy~ Cause’ I don’t think that they’d understand~

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