Movie review: How to Train Your Dragon 3-D

Initially, I did not want to watch this because I thought it was going to be lame and kiddish. But after reading a number of positive reviews, I thought what the heck, since ‘Up’ was the last animated film I seen at the cinema. The reviews were spot on about the movie. It is absolutely enjoyable to watch for all ages.

The story is basically about Hiccup, a boy whose father, Stoick, is the chief of a Vikings village which has a tradition of killing dragons as their glorious occupation. Hiccup, unlike all his fellow Vikings, lacks of muscle and natural instincts to fight dragons but his destiny begins to change after he shoots down a high profiled dragon by luck.

The storyline sequence is actually quite predictable but they executed everything so well. The graphics and music are amazing as well. I like how they made the dragons look so fierce and adorable at the same time, and how the music plays a big part in every scene. However the thing that bothered me was how most of the adult Vikings have strong Scottish accent while the younger ones speak like Americans. We cannot blame Gerard Butler, who voiced Stoick, for that because he is already well known for having a strong Scottish accent.

Verdict: Although the show was quite predictable to me, it was still very enjoyable to watch. It’s funny and it has a cool action scene too at the end. The 3-D is again, not much of a difference so I recommend you to watch the normal screening unless you do not mind paying extra more for it. The damn glasses are still terrible.

Favourite scene: Toothless/Hiccup vs huge ass dragon.

The title? Bad title. It is! HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON IN 3-D? I mean come on, can’t they come up with some other title?

Rating: 4 / 5

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