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When I saw the trailer, I thought that this was going to be one of those lame superhero parody movies but after hearing that the movie is actually quite violent, I became curious and decided to watch it before Ip Man 2 and Iron Man 2 release tomorrow. This film, to me, actually resembles Watchmen a little. Many people did not like Watchmen because they could not understand it. Watchmen was certainly class and darkish to me but Kick-Ass would definitely satisfy a wider audience for its slightly more “mainstream” approach.

I think everyone would agree that the highlight of this movie is the character ‘Hit-Girl’/Mindy, played by Chloë Moretz. She drew much controversy for being and portraying the 11 year-old who uses foul languages in the film, and for being directly involved in all of the main violent scenes. She is absolutely adorable but I felt that she was probably not as charming and mature as the character should be. Imagine having the 11 year-old Dakota Fanning to play role. Hmm….

Verdict: A very fun show to watch in overall. No brain-power or high sense of humour required to enjoy it. A little boring in the first half but it gets better. However, it’s definitely not for all ages as it contains a degree of profanity and violence.

Malaysian Censorship? All the violence are kept but the nudity and sex scenes were totally chopped off. The F-words are only censored when the little Hit Girl says it. As usual, they incompetently skipped the parts of the dialogue instead of just muting the sound for that split second. Most of the other characters in the movie are high school kids and they use those words a lot but they weren’t censored. So now, are they trying to say it’s only not okay for elementary/primary school kids to use foul languages but it’s okay for high school kids and adults to do so?

Music: Very interesting choice of songs. Some people might find it odd but probably not as odd as Watchmen’s. Their original scores are very good as well. They also did a spoof version of the darkish Batman music when Red Mist introduces his Mist Mobile.

Favourite scene: (SPOILER BEGINS FROM HERE) The part where Hit Girl tries to rescue Kick-Ass and Big Daddy (SPOILER ENDS HERE).

Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. taipau

    see? good recommendation ! haha

    i think the malaysian censorship board are actually trying to find loop holes to show vulgarity, haha so they pretend they did a bad job but actually its on purpose.


    it is a hit in europe…i think i will catch it but there are so many nice movies that are release recently like iron man 2 and ip man 2(which i doubt it will screen in europe cause its mandarin) ;(
    thanks for the review

  3. *Ynot

    @kenwooi Go read Wikipedia if you want spoilers. =p

    @taipau lol come on, they just suck in whatever they do.

    @TheLittleTraveller Mandarin? That's odd. I thought the original language of the film is in Cantonese. I will be watching Iron Man 2 tomorrow night. Do stay tuned for my review. =)

    @Wendy Indeed! =)

    @Hazman The sequel for the comic has to be released first.

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