Movie Review: Shutter Island (2010)

This film is directed of Martin Scorsese, the director who took Hong Kong’s Infernal Affairs, readapted it into shit, and won a Oscar with it. No this movie has nothing to do with gangsters or mafias or what not. But it is yet again another adaptation. This time it was from a novel, with a very overused, cliche twist in my opinion. But I like how the ending is slightly different from the one in the novel.

The movie starts off with two police detectives on a ferry arriving to an island called “The Shutter Island” where a mental institute is. They are sent there to investigate and find a missing patient who is apparently very sick and dangerous. But of course, the plot is not that simple. This is a psychological thriller and indeed, it is really quite mind screwing and that is where the movie shines best. It mind-fucks you. When the truth was revealed at the end, I thought that everything linked up quite perfectly. Made me feel like rewatching it to catch all the hints and clues that leads to the twist at the end.

Leonardo DiCaprio is never a great actor to me. I find his acting annoying. But then somehow again and again he keeps getting all these sophisticated roles. I do not comprehend why Scorsese likes to cast him so much. He probably thinks that he could use DiCaprio in every significant role like how Tim Burton uses Johnny Depp.

Verdict: If you like psychological mystery-thrillers, then this is certainly a must watch for you. I thought it was good but not great. However, it was worth the time and money.

Why do I think the twist is cliche and overused? It would definitely spoil the whole movie if I told you. But I can tell you that there were quite a few films that had the same twist concept.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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  1. © bLurr

    i love thriller movie! was waiting for this but i dont think so i can make it watching at cinema. watching at laptop kind of boring. hehe

    how the story end? LOL. pls dont tell me. 😛

  2. *Ynot

    @tehtarik, you wouldnt be that disappointed even if you watch it at the cinema

    @blurr, lol busy with exams and mafia wars, huh? watch it on your TV set la

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