A Nightmare on Elm Street

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– A Nightmare on Elm Street
– Production year: 2010
– Country: USA
– Cert (UK): 18
– Runtime: 95 mins
– Directors: Samuel Bayer
– Cast: Clancy Brown, Connie Britton, Jackie Earle Haley, Katie Cassidy, Kellan Lutz, Kyle Gallner, Rooney Mara, Thomas Dekker

Freddy Krueger returns in A Nightmare on Elm Street, a contemporary re-imagining of the horror classic. A group of surburban teenagers share one common bond: they are all being stalked by Freddy Krueger, a horribly disfigured killer who hunts them in their dreams. As long as they stay awake, they can protect one another…but when they sleep. there is no escape.

NOW, for my review:

I was already expecting this to really suck but it turned out worse. It was horrifyingly terrible and merely a waste of time. Nevertheless, I’d still like to thank Advertlets for the free screening of this film. Too bad I didn’t know there was a catch for the free screening of this cause’ if I did, I wouldn’t have watched this, ever.

Ironically, throughout the movie, I was literally struggling to keep myself awake. I was hopefully waiting for ONE single scene that would surprise me but unfortunately, there isn’t even a single decent scare in the whole damn film. Everything is incredibly predictable and the dialogues are horrible. During the ending, I just couldn’t be bothered anymore. I just went straight out to the toilet to take a piss. I mean like, why waste the time when I could already guess what’s coming at the very end? Lemme guess, he’s still alive! And I was right. Sorry but I don’t consider this as a spoiler. Anyone with brains could’ve guessed it before even watching.

I was playing the memory game with myself while watching, trying to recall the other movie that the actor of this Freddy Krueger was in. Halfway through the show, I managed to remember. The actor’s name is Jackie Earle Haley, who acted as Rorschach in Watchmen. As much I liked him in that movie, he failed his role in this one. Freddy Krueger is one of the iconic horror figures from my childhood, but I doubt he’d make an impact for the kids today. But to be fair to Haley, Robert Englund is probably irreplaceable anyway. It’s like as though Freddy Krueger was made for Englund.

Verdict: Basically, this is a horror film that’s neither scary nor too gory; and it has no nudity. Highly NOT recommended to watch at all UNLESS you HAVE a very very weak heart that anything could scare you. It was extremely boring to me. The original film was way better than this.

Favourite review: “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. Three, four, we’ve been there before.” – Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly.

Rating: 0.5 / 5

Date for the show: Pei Li

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  1. HenRy LeE ®

    i really like the previous version, this one is really a bummer! what the heck! anyway i think johnny depp should be one of the starring in the show. Maybe as the father of the kids… 🙂

  2. toninkush

    @nebular miserable outcome? you didn't dare to sleep at night? haha.

    @henry LOL i think even with a lot money also it'd be difficult to hire johnny depp. he only plays the roles he likes.

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