Movie Review: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) Jake Gyllenhaal

Sypnosis: Based on the video game, which follows an adventurous prince who teams up with a rival princess to stop an angry ruler from unleashing a sandstorm
that could destroy the world.

Initially, I didn’t feel like watching this because the trailer seemed kinda weak to me. On top of that, it’s Jake Gyllenhaal…. the dude from Brokeback Mountain, as the protagonist, the macho prince from the video game. I only went for this because I had nothing else to do and there wasn’t any other better films to watch this week.

Let’s talk about what I liked about the movie. Some elements from the game are shown; like jumping over buildings and obstacles, swinging, climbing and so on (I’ve only played the first installment of game so I’m not sure what is altered, what is missing or what more is performed in the film). The action scenes are sufficient although there isn’t a long dramatic sword fight at the end. The CGI is quite well done as well eventhough not much is required.

Well as for what I disliked about the film is the average acting, corny dialogues and the lack of a strong plot. Jake Gyllenhaal was good in October Sky, Zodiac and Brokeback Mountain, but not quite in all the other movies he acted in, including this one. The dialogues and the storyline made me wonder if the script was originally written for the video game because it is really just that kinda standard to me. But thanks to the hotness of Gemma Arterton, I was kept unfrustrated for most parts of the film.

Verdict: A very common movie to me. The action scenes are good enough but everything else is below average. But I think if you watch it with a light heart, you might find it entertaining.

Favourite scene: The close-up shot on Princess Tamina’s cleavage.

Rating: 2 / 5

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  1. toninkush

    @vince i thought the action was the only thing that was watchable. because it follows the game a lot

    @algin because it's not fresh. many other adventure fantasy films are like this one.

    @henry haha the cgi a bit only

    @fish yeah well any high budgeted films could have done that.

    @wtf haha! his older bro in the show looks and sounds like an english man.

    @lukey i think the only enjoyable game-based movie was mortal kombat lol.. and probably silent hill

    @shuwen 2 is pass. not low.

  2. taipau

    skipping tis movie till later days, it feels common to me as well. trailer looks weak cause its just like any other trailer, i guess when u noe production and video editting everything seems so easy to manipulate. hahah.

    i'll wait for the torrent, when people spam its dam nice on fb, i don bliv it. if its really that good. they would make a tribute to it. lol

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