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This is the 100th post of the blog (it’s actually more than that but I had to delete some controversial posts of mine; might be deleting the headquarters post as well) and also my first ever post about food/restaurant. I was invited by fellow blogger and good friend, Henry the Clever Munkey, to this food review after taking part in his little contest (which all the participants won in the end). I would like to take the opportunity to thank him for the invitation and the photos he’s taken.

You must be wondering, what was this entertainment critic doing at a food review? Well my friends, it was for none other than…… free food. Not only I got to taste and fill my stomach with all the dishes and drinks that were recommended by the owners of the restaurant, but I also got to listen to the detailed history of the restaurant, and explanation on every dishes and drinks that were on our table.

(image credits to CleverMunkey)

This is the co-owner, Hudson Chang (at first glance, I thought he kinda looked like Lam Fung), who’s from Hong Kong telling us the history of the restaurant. It goes all the way back to 1968 where his father pioneered the business. It was apparently the first ever Indonesian restaurant opened in Hong Kong. And hence the name of the restaurant. Just in case you’re confused, the outlets in Hong Kong are called Indonesian Restaurant but the one here is called Indochine Restaurant & Bar.
This is other co-owner, Debbie Goh, who’s an actress and former Miss Malaysia Chinese International Pageant (she’s darn pretty in person). She was telling us how she met Chang and why she decided open a branch here in Malaysia. The answer was simple: great food.
Now let’s jump straight to the main topic: FOOD. I shall start with the few starters and soups that I’ve tasted:-

Gado Gado (RM18)
Indonesian salad with bean curd, bean sprout, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, potato, egg, prawn cracker with their very own made peanut sauce. I am not a vege-man but the sauce and keropok did make a lot of difference to me.

Perkedel Jagung (RM15)
Indonesian shrimp corn cakes. They have gotten cold when I tasted it but still they were delicious. This was one of my favourites.

Sop Shark (RM20)
Chinese double boiled shark’s bone soup. Creamy and tasty.

Sop Bontot (RM12)
Donch worry. This ain’t no sup buntut (ass soup) of any kind. It’s an Indonesian ox tail soup. According to the owners, this is the most frequently ordered soup due the awesomeness of the taste… and the funny name.

Sop Wanton (RM 15)
Chinese double boiled prawn soup with wanton. It was my first time tasting a prawn soup. Quite a unique taste.
Now let’s take a look at the poultry, meat, seafood, rice and vegetable entrées:-

Ayam Asam Kacang (RM22)
Fried chicken with peanut & plum sauce. Ever tried having chicken with mixture of nuts and plum taste? It’s pretty darn awesome.

Semur Lidah (RM32)
Are yall ready for this? This is a plate of grilled ox tongues! This dish is my personal favourite of all. It was like the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted in years. It’s so tender, juicy and with the combination of the sauce, it’s absolutely magical. This is truely the signature dish of the restaurant.
Ikan Asam (RM38)
Spicy and sour fish. Recommended for fish and not-too-much-spice lovers.

Sotong Kuning Goreng (RM38)
The fresh squid with yellow ginger, salt and pepper. We were all confused when the foreign waiter of the restaurant told us that the name of this dish is called “Sotong Queen”. Anyway this is nice but personally I’d only order this if I want something light to munch.

Nasi Kuning Goreng (RM25)
Beef rendang, fried chicken with yellow rice. According to Chang, the idea of having the cone over the rice came from the Indonesians’ traditions. He said that the people would have a huge mountain of rice shaped as cone on every Sunday and everyone would just queue up and take some from it. Chang also mentioned that this is actually a dish mixed with the food culture of not Indonesia and Malaysia, but Netherlands as well. Apparently one of the meats on the plate is the cultural favourite of the Dutch. Well you’d have everything if you order this. Eggs, crackers, beef, chicken, rish, some vegetables.

Nasi Goreng Special (RM25)
Special fried rice with 2pcs chicken satay, fried egg and prawn cracker. I would say that this is yet another traditional dish. It’s like what we’d normally eat here culturally but of course with this price, you can expect this to taste much better.

Tahu Goreng Telor (RM18)
Fried bean-curd and egg with peanut sauce. Yups, another dish that involves peanuts. Although this is under the vegetable category of the menu, it contains egg as an ingredient. Imagine eating taufoo with peanut sauce. That’s exactly what you’d get.
And now the drinks:-
From left, we have the Ice Lemongrass Ginger Tea (RM10). Don’t be fooled by the name, my friends. This isn’t anything like ice lemon tea. It tastes neither sweet nor sour. It’s refreshing (in Chinese, we’d say that it tastes very “clear”) and I bet it’d quench your thirst. Among these four drinks, this is my personal favourite.
Then we have the Mango Kiwi (RM12) fruity mix. It’s pretty thick for a drink. Kinda tasted like yogurt to me.
Third from the left, the Sour Plum Juice. If you like plum or drinks that are kinda sour, you’d love this one. And the last glass on the far right is the Fresh Peach Tea. A must-try drink for peach lovers. I’m not a peach lover but I couldn’t get enough of it. These two drinks are new and will find their way into the menu very soon. They will cost RM12 each.
Of course, they don’t only serve these drinks. They have many other kinds of beverages on the menu for you to choose from. Wines and beers too.
Let’s have a look at the environment of the restaurant:-
The view from outside. The restaurant is upstairs. The set-up of the restaurant are fantastic. The theme of the design is a traditional mix of Chinese and Indonesian. Pretty darn unique for a fine dining restaurant.
Traditional and yet romantic environment. Comfy seats. Relaxing and noise-free.
Well as you can see, there are not only the long-cushioned seats. There are also the old-skool wooden chairs if you prefer them.
If you’re coming with a number of people, a combined tables with more seats will be provided with curtains surrounded.
There’re also also tables outside. No worries there, fellow smokers.
Verdict: I adore the awesome environment of the restaurant, and I absolutely loved some of the dishes especially Semur Lidah. That is a definite must-try for anyone who hasn’t. There isn’t single thing served that I didn’t like. However, I felt that some of the stuffs are kinda overpriced. Personally I wouldn’t pay more than RM10 for a plate of rice with some meat, crackers and eggs. All the other stuffs are kinda pricey too. I think I wouldn’t dine there unless there was like a special rare occasion. But if you have foreign friends who want to taste some traditional South-East Asian food, I think this is probably one of the best places to go to if you could afford it. 
Rating: 3.5 / 5
Restaurant address:

Terrace at Hock choon
1st Floor, 241-B, Lorong Nibong
Off Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Contact numbers for reservations and enquiries: 017-8832160 or 03-21413550
Official website
How to get there by vehicle:
Let’s say KLCC is on your right and Avenue K/Quattro is on your left, go straight all the way from there pass Ampark Park until you see Victoria Station on your right. You would need to make a U-turn after that. The turning into Lorong Nibong is right after Victoria Station. Your destination is just inside Lorong Nibong. It’s so easy to find, you won’t even need to look at a map.
It’s right at the end of Lorong Nibong and it’s free for the customers. There are 50 slots available and also, there are friendly and helpful parking attendants there if you need assistance. I think they actually help look after your car as well. I shit you not.

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    Just wondering, the title is Indochine not Indonesian? Actually there was a famous Lounge & Bar with the above same name before. I think your title is a lil misleading.

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