Let the games begin!

World Cup 2010

It was a disappointing first day compared to the previous one in Germany but I am sure it could get better if the popular teams will not be accepting any extra income, if you know what I mean.

My predictions

Cup winner: Spain

Golden Boot: Fernando Torres (Spain, forward)

Golden Ball: Xavi Hernandez (Spain, midfielder)

Golden Glove: Iker Casillas (Spain, goalkeeper)

Best Young Player: Lionel Messi (Argentina, forward)

Fair Play: Korea Republic

Most Entertaining Team: Argentina

All-Star Team:

—————————- Casillas (Spain) —————————

Maicon (Brazil) — Puyol (Spain) — Terry (England) — Lahm (Germany)

—————————– De Rossi (Italy) ————————–

——————— Xavi (Spain) — Kaka (Brazil) ———————

Messi (Argentina) ——— Torres (Spain) ——— Ronaldo (Portugal)

Just in case you don’t know, I am an Arsenal fan. See how unbiased my predictions are? Anyway, let us all hope that this World Cup will be more enjoyable (and less controversial) than the previous one.

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  1. Jan

    okay I'm superstitious, Brazil will win cos they always win the World Cup on every new continent it is held at. This is the first World Cup on the African Continent so based on illogical superstitions, Brazil will win!

    Lol! I'm not really superstitious but the Oscar's curse on best leading actresses says alot.

  2. toninkush

    @Karim Mj What do you mean by how? Only one team will win.

    @jfook Brazil is lacking of their samba-ness and Germany is without their influencial captain.

    @Lukey I got it from Facebook haha.

    @Jan What Oscar's curse? Brazil will always have a chance of winning no matter when, who and where they play. But I feel that their players are unlike the old times.

    @dam We'll see.

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