Post-World Cup 2010

As I have predicted on my pre-World Cup entry (although it was posted a day after the tournament had started), Spain has emerged as the winner of the tournament after Iniesta scored the only goal in the match during extra time from a pass by the Arsenal captain, Francesc Fabregas. But as for my other predictions, not so accurate. What I really didn’t expect was how four players (Thomas Muller, Diego Forlan, Wesley Sneider and David Villa) would end up winning the Golden Boot on five goals each.

In overall it was quite an interesting World Cup with Paul the Octopus coming in the picture and also the loud-inhaling live broadcast commentator (he must had been using the mic as a weed bong; he really shouldn’t be smokin’ at work). However in terms of the football-playing itself, most of the matches were freakin’ boring. There were low scoring games, weird outcomes in the group stages and some of the greatest players in the tournament did not perform well (not to mention some didn’t even manage to score at all, namely Wayne Rooney, Fernando Torres and world player of the year Lionel Messi). There were also several highly controversial referee decisions which had ultimately caused the outcome of some of the matches.

There were allegations on how most of the matches were fixed but of course, not evidently. Even the champions and runner-up of the previous World Cup, France and Italy, got eliminated in the group stages. Some of the referees’ performances were also questionable especially critical the one where England’s Frank Lampard scored-goal wasn’t counted, and also the one where Brazil’s Luis Fabiano goal against Ivory Coast was allowed even after he controlled the ball with his arms twice. FIFA stated that the statistics show that 96% of the overall referees’ decisions were correct but unfortunately that 4% of wrong decisions were just too critical to ignore.

Well folks, it’s over. I guess it’s time for us to go back to our miserable boring World Cup-less lives. =(

P.S: Is it just me or does Spain’s Xavi Hernandez really look like he’s related to Robert Downey Jr?

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  1. toninkush

    @Black Jeopardy But they do look as though they're related don't they? By the way, I thought you're a dude. =p

    @Vin Tsen Gan Yeah man he really sucked big time.

  2. ken

    the reason why star players dont shine because it's a different team when i comes to the national level.. the team counts, not individuality! =)

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