Rush Hour @ Manhattan

“Seven days without fish makes one weak.”
‘Rush Hour @ Manhattan’ is the current campaign of The Manhattan FISH MARKET restaurants in Malaysia, offering five new (non-permanent) a la carte; and in conjunction with this, they’re introducing the ‘Takeaway-Friendly’ concept whereby customers can make their orders through phone with the nearest branch before heading there to collect them.

Thanks to CleverMunkey‘s invitation (again) to do a review on this, I had the privilege to not only taste everything that’s on the campaign’s menu, but I also got to stuff myself til I was satisfied. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the five a la carte:-
Wrap ‘N Roll (RM14.90)
“Scrumptious tuna flakes wrapped in tortilla, packed with garden-fresh veggies drizzled ith our famous Manhattan Flaming Sause and served with a side of Chips.”
This is Rush Hour’s main attraction. It ain’t Jackie Chan but I’d rather pay to eat this than to watch yet another one of his disgraceful American films. Wrap ‘N Roll certainly symbolises the theme due to its conveniency to be eaten and I believe it’d still taste good even if it was left uneaten for hours, nevermind the fries.
Flakin’ Fun in the Garden (RM13.90)
“Yummy tuna flakes served on a bed of fresh greens with Caesar Chutney or Cajun Honey Mustard dressing.”
Pretty funky name, huh? It made me feel like coming up with my own dish just for the sake of naming it. Maybe a name like “Havin’ Fun in your Secret Garden” or something. Heh-heh. Anyway, this is quite a healthy dish. Recommended if you prefer to have more vegetables than meat.
Shrimp my Pasta (RM16.90)
“Sauteed shrimps swirled in spaghetti in a light garlic, coriander and olive oil sauce dusted with zesty chilli flakes.”
That’s right! Shrimp my pasta, you mother f… Sorry, I dunno what’s gotten into me. Anyway, this was too spicy and dry for my liking but if you like spaghetti and lots of shrimps, this is definitely for you. It tastes best when it’s warm.
Flamin’ Tuna Pie (RM15.90)
“A hearty pie made of chunky tuna bits, packed with sauteed veggies, topped with creamy mozarella and flamed.”
This ain’t a cup of cappucino of any kind. Although in the image, it does kinda seem like it. People, this is the bomb. My personal favourite. It’s extremely delicious. I thought the top of it was cheese but it’s apparenly not. What’s beneath that is the real killer. Awesome tasty tender tuna bits and the best part is, it doesn’t really taste like tuna.
Citrus Mint (RM6.90)
“Crushed ice in refreshing lemon juice with a dash of cool mint.”
A sweet and minty tasting ice-blended lemon juice. Now, if only they served this with a small spoon or with a 7-11 Slurpee straw. I had two of this and it wasn’t because I was thirsty.
Absolutely loved the Flamin’ Tuna Pie. I just couldn’t get enough of it. However, I didn’t really enjoy the Shrimp my Pasta and the Flakin’ Fun in the Garden. Furthermore, I don’t think the people would find them as “take away friendly” as they would like because they can’t just just grab those and eat them like how we could with a Wrap ‘N Roll. Besides, they don’t taste as great once they’ve gotten cold. Therefore, it kinda defeats the purpose of the whole thing. I think it’d be even more convenient for their customers if they were to implement delivery services.
Rating (for this campaign):
2 / 5
Campaign duration:
5 July 2010 till 8 August 2010.
Outlets & contact numbers (Malaysia):
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