Repo Men

(Movie review)

Genre: Action
Running Time: 1 hour 52 minutes
Director: Miguel Sapochnik
Cast: Jude Law, Forest Whitaker, Liev Schreiber

The film focuses on Remy (Jude Law) who works for a corporation called The Union, which has replaced organ transplants by selling artificial ones. His job as a repo man requires him to repossess the organs back from the customers that could not maintain the payments. When his wife threatens to leave him for not moving to the sales department, a little accident occurs forcing him to stay as a repo man. However, he does not intend to. The timeline of the story is set in 2025.

This film was widely panned by critics due to its poor script and senseless gore. However, I believe it’s all part of the fun. There are indeed several flaws in the plot but they become insignificant when the violence and humour shines through. The weird song choices for some of the scenes certainly contributed to the movie as well. I believe it has become a trend to do so after the likes of Watchmen and Kick-Ass.

The movie was actually released in March but I think due to its extreme violence and gore, our dearest censorship board had a hard time to decide whether or not to release this domestically. Surprisingly when I watched this, none of the scenes were censored. That is exceptionally crucial for the viewers to indulge in watching the film.

Verdict: Despite the flaws of the plot, I find this movie very entertaining. The combination of violence, gore, action, peculiar music, dark humour and twist made this quite an exceptional film. If you’re looking for something different, this is one movie you can’t miss out on.

Similarities: 1. The plot itself is almost identical to a 2008 rock-opera musical film called Repo! The Generic Opera. 2. (SPOILER BEGINS HERE) The corridor fight scene at the end was obviously ripped off from Old Boy, one of my favourite Korean films of all time (SPOILER ENDS HERE).

Flaws: (SPOILER BEGINS HERE) 1. It is The Union’s equipment which caused Remy’s accident but why wasn’t he compensated by company? It’s a bit dodgy if such a huge organisation like this doesn’t provide medical benefits or life insurance for its employees. 2. Why couldn’t he just sell his car and house to pay for the heart? It’s only $600K. What happened to his savings? 3. Once a pink slip is produced, the repo man must reclaim the organs regardless of whether the customer could pay for it or not. Does that mean the ending is a flaw too? 4. Since, they could detect their organs through remote devices, why couldn’t they just add a function which would conveniently allow them to shut down the organs by remote as well? (SPOILER ENDS HERE).

Did the ending “save” the film? Personally I didn’t really feel that it needs to be “saved” but nonetheless, the ending is indeed a huge plus point.

Rating: 4 / 5

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