Album Review: A Thousand Suns – Linkin Park

Genre: Electronic rock, hip hop

Theme/Topics: War

1. The Requiem (2:01)
2. The Radiance (0:57)
3. Burning in the Skies (4:13)
4. Empty Spaces (0:18)
5. When They Come for Me (4:53)
6. Robot Boy (4:29)
7. Jornada del Muerto (1:34)
8. Waiting for the End (3:51)
9. Blackout (4:39)
10. Wretches and Kings (4:10)
11. Wisdom, Justice, and Love (1:38)
12. Iridescent (4:56)
13. Fallout (1:23)
14. The Catalyst (5:42)
15. The Messenger (3:01)

Singles (first to latest): ‘The Catalyst’, ‘Waiting for the End’

Verdict: Perhaps the worst album I’ve heard from them. Songs about war, tragedy & politics are usually inspiring but I don’t feel it from this album. With the boring melodies (and some of them actually sounds familiar), I find it difficult to relate to their lyrics. Many have said that their sound here is unique but it’s just a bunch of common electronic emo rap-rock music to me. Their first album, ‘Hybrid Theory’, is still the best they’ve offered thus far.

Favourite track(s): ‘The Messenger’. It’s a rather simple & straight-forward acoustic song but at least it sounds sincere. It’s actually the only song on the album which caught my attention.

Least favourite track(s): The preludes (all the listed tracks that are shorter than 3 minutes). Not all of them serve a significant purpose.

Rating: 2 / 5

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