Dinner For Schmucks

(Movie review)

Rated: 18
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 114 min (uncensored length)
Director: Jay Roach
Cast: Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, Zach Galifianakis

This film is based on a French movie entitled ‘Le Dîner de cons‘. Paul Rudd plays Tim Conrad, a white collar who’s desperate for promotion that’s opened after one of his colleagues got fired. After a successful presentation in a meeting, his superiors invited him to a little function called “dinner for winners”. It’s where all the invited employees bring an idiot as a partner to be made fun of. To impress his boss at the coming dinner, Tim makes friends with Barry Speck (Steve Carell), a weird fellow whose innocent stupidity would cause a total disaster.

The theme and the arrangement of the story are pretty common; one makes friends with someone who’s absolutely unlikable but through the ups & downs they experience together, they become best friends in the end. Despite that, I still find this quite entertaining. Even when I thought I know what’s coming, Steve Carell never failed to crack me up. He is not a one-trick pony, mind you. Watch it with friends who’re easily amused & you’d get into the mood as well.

Verdict: Predictable and yet hilarious, all thanks to Steve Carell’s performance. Quite enjoyable if watched with light heart & good company.

Animal exploitation: Are those rats real? I don’t recall seeing a message saying “no animals were harmed during the making of this film.” They don’t look real to me though.

The real purpose of the film: To make fun of the American tax suckers, the IRS. Seems like they all think that the IRS people are idiots. Well, obviously. Too bad I can’t really relate to it. If only they make movie called ‘Company for Schmucks’ instead.

Scene after ending credits: (SPOILER BEGINS HERE) It is revealed Fender’s company has gone under and Forbes Magazine has named him the “World’s Biggest Loser.”Source (SPOILER ENDS HERE)

Similar comedy but better: Cable Guy, starring Jim Carrey.

Rating: 3 / 5

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Chee Li Kee of pink-latte.blogspot

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