The Switch

Rated: PG13
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Runtime: 101 min (uncensored version)
Director: Josh Gordan, Will Speck
Cast: Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Thomas Robinson, Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Wilson

The story is basically about Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) who wants to have a baby and her neurotic best friend, Wally (Jason Bateman), is against it due to the unnaturality of the idea. Kassie eventually finds her the right sperm donor and during the “insemination party”, Wally got so drunk that he accidentally spills the semen and replaces them with his own without remembering about it. Years later Kassie introduces her son Sebastian (Thomas Robinson) to Wally.

If you’re looking for one unforgettable romance comedy drama or at least one that’d be worthwhile, this is certainly not it. The Back-Up Plan was released domestically not long ago and to be watching this after watching that was rather boring due to the similarities of the plot. Although The Back-Up Plan offers more funny moments, The Switch has its own different approach to entertain. Thomas Robinson performed charmingly and the intended similarities of him & Jason Bateman in the movie are significant. The young actor was definitely the star of this film for me.

Verdict: It’s sweet, it’s a little funny, it’s light & easy, it’s not worth the time. What were they thinking, releasing this within the same year as The Back-Up Plan?

Favourite quote: (SPOILER BEGINS HERE) “We’re always running and we’re always late. I think that’s why we’re called the human race.” (SPOILER ENDS HERE)

Possible flaw: Wally & Kassie’s eyes seem to be blue but Sebastian’s are brown. I believe that’s genetically impossible. Like father like son… not.

Rating: 1.5 / 5

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Photo credits to Jia Yeen.
The screening was courtesy of FeeqSays Network & Advertlets.

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