Musical Review: Sunway Lagoon’s Peter Pan The Musical

If the creator of Peter Pan, Sir James Matthew Barrie, was still alive, he would have died after seeing this anyway.

Before I continue, I would like to thank Bok for the free passes to the show.

Now now, how should I begin? There are just too much to rant about this so-called “musical”.

To begin with, I felt so embarrassed and sorry for inviting my friend to come all the way from her eventful company function to witness this disaster. I was like, “Come lahhh, it’s a MUSICAL and I have the FREE tickets and I’m inviting YOU!” I bet she felt conned after the show. The truth is, we all got conned.

According to what was written on the passes (please refer to the image on top), it was supposed to begin at 8pm but it got delayed till 9. There was a pre-recorded announcer repeatedly saying that the show will commence in 5 minutes. It was a “gala premiere” and so I guess they were waiting for the big shot chairman whom nobody gives a damn about (I don’t even bother to remember his name) to arrive and give the speech on stage. How could he turn up late for a night this important to him? The speech was very unprofessional. I could not tolerate the nonsense and yelled, “Fuck off!” and my friend was like, “Oi, got kids around lah!” Oops, my bad.

The place, Amphitheater, is not suitable for a musical. The stage is too small and there are no curtains to cover when the environment setup is being changed . Also, the sound system there is horrible. They only had speakers by the stage and therefore the people who are seated at the back above would not be able to hear the dialogues and singing clearly. I could hardly hear them clearly myself. The music was pre-recorded and it sounded very mono-ish. The singing was live but there was one scene where they had to lipsynch as there were too many of them that were supposed to sing at the same time. Now how could they have a musical without even having a decent sound system?

There are only 4 main characters in this version of the play; Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, Mr. Smee and Captain Hook. The actors did well. They are, afterall, from West End. I was particularly impressed with the actress who played Wendy. But the screenplay made them look bad. The show lasted for only an hour, so yeah, you can imagine how much they have shortened and altered the original story. The other Darling and Lost Boys characters are completely excluded. That’s not all. They have also implemented ‘Sunway Lagoon’ into the dialogues of the play. There was one scene where Peter Pan said, “Let’s go have a swim at Sunway Lagoon!” I was absolutely disgusted by that. What is this, some kind of a live commercial for Lagoon? There were also direct interactions with the crowd, which they should not have done if this was a genuine theatrical musical. It got even worse when they started singing Christmas songs at the end. They might think that it is very creative of them to have altered the screenplay this way but it is utter bollocks to the people who actually grew up as a huge fan of the Peter Pan play.

My friend was able to catch the mistakes of the dancers and also the malfunction of the fireworks in front of the stage. Apparently they were obvious to her. I didn’t notice them. I was too busy feeling utterly disappointed. How did Lagoon manage to get West End to agree to do this show?

The original Peter Pan play entertained people of all ages but this version was certainly more like a show for kids and I am not even sure if the kids enjoyed it.

When we were leaving, we were given a coupon that offers 50% discount for the purchase of the tickets for this show. Ha-ha-ha-ha… and the back of coupon says, “Valid on 27 Nov 2010.”

This crappy musical is being held at Amphitheater, Sunway Lagoon, every day except Tuesdays at 8pm onwards from 26th of November 2010 until 2nd of January 2011. The price range of the tickets are from RM40 – RM160. How can they expect people to pay so much for this? This is not even a real musical. It is just a simple play for kids.

I have never been to a play before and I am definitely not going to consider this as my first.

Verdict: A theatrical classic exploited for profit and marketing purposes of Sunway Lagoon. It is a total disgrace. Do not waste your money. It was free of charge for me and even so, I felt that I should be compensated for having my time and effort wasted going through such a mediocre show.

Rating: (unratable)

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  1. taufulou

    lol…unratable haaa…

    me and my friends find it pretty okay wor.. maybe its because we know its the first time they held outdoor and the environment will definately be diff compare to indoor. . .

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