Lyric Analysis #3: ‘Asylum’ – Silverchair

This is one of the many songs that I cannot fully understand. The analysis below is only my own interpretation.

Contained in my cotton crib
Where I feel no turbulence

Trapped within the comfort of his own space without any disturbance.

The ocean sleeps upon a shelf
And it feeds my apathy

He doesn’t care when nothing’s happening.

But I can feel it in the night
Like rain upon my skin
Inside a winter
Would you begin to splinter
If I decide to recognize my thorns

He is disrupted and devastated by his thoughts at night, wondering if she would begin to distant herself from him if she knows that he is actually not very confident with himself.

Cause every time I see your face in a cloud
I feel no violence
So tilt the water
Till it turns me around
To my own asylum
Dry in the day
And fading away in the night
He feels peaceful whenever he thinks about her, but her lack of interest in him leaves him back to his own space and thoughts, where he’s all alone.

I feel the sun before it’s light
And it fades away into the night
He is judgmental but at the end of the day, he realises he shouldn’t be.

I was afraid; I’d feed myself
I cleared the shelf
And killed the shame
He was so negative about people that he’d go to eat by himself, but he’s no longer like that.

But I can feel it in the night
Collect the rocks
And throw them over borders
To shake the muddy waters
And clear myself
From hiding every thorn
He regrets and does his best to figure out how to change himself.


And we grow in a garden where all that we know
You’re just a fool for him.
People tend to stay within their own comfort zone instead of trying to go for something that might be better. He tells her that she does not need the guy she’s with now.


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  1. toninkush

    Well knowing Daniel Johns (frontman of the band), he's very poetic with his lyrics and all their songs do have very deep meaning. Silverchair is unlike the lame musicians you hear on radio these days.

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