Entertainment Update #1

U.K progressive alternative rock band, Muse have finally won a Grammy. Their 5th album, The Resistance came on top of the 53rd Grammy Awards’ Best Rock Album category. As a long-time fan of theirs, I am tremendously proud, despite not really liking that album.

They are really bad at speeches. Reminds me of their gig here in Malaysia in 2007. Besides thank you a few times, all they said was, “Terima kasiiiiiiii. Sayarh cintarh Mar-lay-si-ah!”

America’s country trio, Lady Antebellum came up big on the night grabbing 5 freakin’ awards. It makes me wonder, has the Grammys lost it a little there? That damned song is about needing a booty call after getting high at 1.15 AM! The song otherwise known as ‘Forget You’ deserved to win it more! Fuck.

And why didn’t the Grammys pay tribute to Gary Moore? Simply unacceptable.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has returned to wrestling. Yes I grew up during his era indeed and it’s pretty damn cool to see him back. However, they are saying that he’s only back as a host. Well whether or not he’s back to wrestle, he’s still good for just trash talks. Justin Bieber was mentioned in his comeback speech. Few days after that, Bieber got shot to death by a bunch of policemen.

Yes indeed. Much to millions’ delight, Justin Bieber is apparently dead. The annoying little star was ignorant enough to pull out his pistol to try killing 7 cops that were pointing guns at him (gosh, even this sentence sounds gay). Not to mention that he was walking towards the bunch of positioned armed policemen while shooting, instead of using the truck as cover. If this was in Malaysia, all he would need to do is to pull out a stack of cash.

Bieber, before his death, won the MVP award in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on Friday night.

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  1. 多腦 / 多惱

    The little annoying star was ignorant enough to pull out his pistol to try killing 7 cops that were pointing guns at him (gosh, even this sentence sounds gay).

    I lol'ed so hard on this one.

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