My Honeymoon Dessert

It was quite a while back since I was invited by Nuffnang’s Glitterati Plus Club to this a little dessert tasting gathering. Thanks to the amazing traffic congestion, I had to skip dinner to make it there in time. As soon as I told the staffs there that I haven’t had eaten yet, they started spoiling me with many different dishes of sweet sweet desserts, thus, like a king, I was stuffed, without even finishing most of the things served for me.

This outlet is in Kota Damansara and it’s apparently new. The funny thing about it is that it’s only two shoplots away from Snow Flakes, the other popular dessert place. I couldn’t hold off my curiousity and enquired the Senior Account Executive, Khooi Pui Wei, about it and she said that what they provide here is very different from Snow Flake. She also added that this area in Kota Damansara is very positive for business. Not too sure if she was talking about the Feng Shui or the seemingly strategic area.

According to Khooi, the founders are a married couple and they started the business after returning from their romantic honeymoon in Hong Kong. They shared their love for each other, and for the desserts there as well, hence the founding of My Honeymoon Dessert.

It was quite long ago since the gathering and therefore I can’t really recall the names of every dessert I had. But here are the snapshots from the phone I was using:-

(click on the images to enlarge)

The “dinner” I had

 The above are Durian & Mango Pancakes. My favourites amongst all.

Verdict: We all know that the go-to place for desserts these days is Snow Flake as it is satisfying and economical as well, but when you’re sick of it, you might wanna give Honeymoon a try. They have a broad variety of mere desserts to choose from. My favourite is perhaps the ‘Durian Pancake’. Although it’s totally like eating the real durian, it’s still addictively delicious. However, the downside is that almost everything on the menu is kinda pricey, and that would play a huge part on whether or not the customers would go there often. Oh yeah, and one more minor thing, the air-conditioning was too strong for me. I was freezing, especially after consuming all the cold stuffs served. I’d sit outside if I were you.

Rating: 3 / 5

For outlet details & other infos (Malaysia), please log on to the official website at

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