Oscar movie marathon & top 10 list updated

Malaysian film distributors are smart asses. They’d only bring in certain movies to the local cinema after they got nominated for the 83rd Academy Awards’ Best Picture. This is because they believed that those films wouldn’t sell here unless they are nominated. It saves them a lot of cost and effort to promote them as well. It’s all about profit for them, which sucks for us ’cause we’d have to pay to watch great films that was originally released months ago. They’d rather bring in crappy ass movies like The King of Fighters and Tekken because they are easy to advertise and bound to sell to the idiots here who would pay to watch their favourite video game characters become their biggest disappointment.

I have seen a few Oscar nominated films these past 2 weeks and only two were at the cinema:

Black Swan
Verdict: Twisted and haunting; artistically brilliant and incredible performance by Natalie Portman, who has won the Best Actress Award at the Oscars for her role in this film.
Rating: 4.5 / 5

The King’s Speech
Verdict: Although it was not my favourite film of 2010 but I do agree that it rightfully deserved the Best Picture Award. Very well written script and great performance by Best Actor Award winner, Colin Firth, and the others as well actually.
Favourite quote: -Logue: “They’re idiots.” -George: “They’re knighted.” -Logue: “Makes it official then.”
Rating: 4.5 / 5

I have also seen ‘The Town’ and ‘127 Hours’ at home. I was absolutely blown away by the true story that ‘127 Hours’ was based on and got quite obsessed with the real man himself, Aron Ralston. I am very surprised that ‘The Town’ didn’t get nominated for Best Picture in the Oscars.

These four films are now included onto the updated list of my top 10 personal favourite 2010 films. What may surprise you is that the Oscar Best Picture nominee, True Grit, didn’t make it to the list. Now I know there are like a few more great Best Picture nominated movies I have yet to see but I have only one more that I’m interested to watch, and that is ‘The Fighter’. I will watch it soon, but not at the cinema, perhaps. The good quality DVD-rip is already up online to be downloaded.

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