50+1 Malaysia

I’ve received an autographed copy of this little travel-guide book sent directly from the author/editor himself, QuaChee, after being his 1 000th follower on Twitter.
The contents consist of seven sections of the goodie things worth mentioning about our country, Malaysia. The culture, the food, places, activities, festivals/events, talents and pictures showing how patriotic some locals here are. It’s not only a good read for tourists, it’s a good reminder for citizens like myself too. Too much negatives and skepticism of the nation have clouded the fact that there are actually much positives and great things in the country to appreciate, cherish and salvage. Most of us, I believe, need reminders, such as this little compilation of worded papers, to acknowledge this.
However, I’m quite surprised that the iconic figure such as P. Ramlee is not mentioned in the book. I wouldn’t consider Daniel Lee a talent that’s worth mentioning at all and to see him at as high as number 7 (although the positioning may not mean anything) kinda disgusts me.
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  2. QuaChee

    hi crazywrazy
    thanks for being my 1000th follower! 🙂
    btw the artistes are ranked in alphebetical order hence the ranking for daniel lee! ehem 🙂

    @isaac tan
    thanks. btw more goodies coming up. stay tuned! 🙂

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