Movie Review: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 单身男女 (2011 HK film)

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Rated: U
Genre: Romance, comedy
Language: Mandarin, Cantonese
Running Time: 2 Hours 2 Minutes
Director: Johnnie To
Cast: Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Gao Yuan Yuan

“Yen is a single girl from China working in an IT company in Hong Kong. Overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of this sleepless city, she feels increasingly like a fish out of water. One day, she notices a handsome hunk, Sean, in the office building across the street from hers trying to catch her attention with paper signs. A quirky romance ensues as she starts communicating with him by paper signs every day. However, it turns out that the love notes Sean has been writing are only meant for a sexy vixen working at the office above hers. Just when Yen is ready to crawl back to her lonesome shell, her fate changes again. She befriends a beggar called Kevin in the park who is actually an elite architect who ended up wandering the streets after losing his self. Yen starts helping him rebuild his confidence and get back on tracks. Months pass. Sean finally gives up his life as a playboy and realizes Yen is the dream girl he would like to spend the rest of his life with. Meanwhile, the rebound Kevin is also planning to propose to Yen at the rooftop of his latest design that was inspired by his love for her. Yen is no longer alone and lonely, but will she be able to find her true love?” -Golden Screen Cinemas

Verdict: Perhaps the best Chinese romance comedy I’ve ever seen. It starts off slowly but it gets ridiculously hilarious. It’s well written and the actors fit their roles perfectly. This is not the kind of chick flick that only females could relate to because it kinda inspired me to want to be a successful, loyal and romantic person. The only downside of the film is its lack of attempt to engage viewers’ emotions.

Rip off or inspired? Some ideas of the movie were obviously taken from these two popular short films on YouTube; Signs and Post-It Love.

How shallow: Most of the girls I know chose Daniel Wu over Louis Koo before even watching the movie!

Black Label: I wonder how much did Johnnie Walker pay to have their whiskey heavily used on the film.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Date(s) for the show: friends

Their verdict: “Good film. Made good use of cliches. Better than most Chinese romance comedy movies and series.”

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