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Apologies for the long hiatus. Here’s a little brief post on an event I attended a couple of weeks back.
The subject was held at Mist Club, Bangsar on the 23rd of April 2011. Was invited by my old friend Dannie who was working for Vibes Communications, the company that was handling the PR work of the event. Well the main purpose of me attending was of course, for the free flow of beer.

What I really didn’t like about the event was the schedule of it. The media registration begun at 6.30pm, the event commenced at 7.30pm, and there were only finger foods served. The event ended at 10pm, free flow stopped, and the music began to sound soft and boring. They even had the staffs moving things around at the dance floor. It was like as though they were trying to get us out of the place right after the thing ended.
Well Axe is a men deodorant brand and they had apparently qualified a female contestant to the finals by mistake. And that female contestant was a friend and fellow blogger, Kahmon. She was never going to win the whole thing from the beginning. This had certainly enraged a few of us who were there cheering for her.
And the final criticism I have for the event was the dancers. They’re not exactly hot, the costumes looked horrible and their moves weren’t that great either. Heck, they even had to practice at the media’s section. Seemed as though it was a last minute choreography.
Perhaps the only element that I liked about the event was the whole sexy police, courtroom and handcuffs concept. It could’ve attracted many attendees but not quite sure why the place didn’t look that packed up that night.
Snapshots taken at the event:
The “judge” of the court (in other words, the host).
Dance and marching drum performers.
Kahmon receiving her consolation prize, an iPhone 4! The first runner-up to the last runner-up got the same prize. I would’ve joined and lost on purpose if I knew.
The Axe “Most Wanted” convict received the grand prize, an iPad 2.
The closing of the event.
The freebies from the goodie bags they gave to us. I’ve never used anything from Axe before I’d have to say that the deodorant does smell pretty good.
Yours truly with his girlfriend.
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