Hennessy Artistry – April 2011 @ Opera, Sunway KL

As I (kinda) promised on this previous entry, I will share the experience that I had at the first Hennessy Artistry of the year. The event was held on the 30th of April 2011 at Opera, Sunway Piramid, Kuala Lumpur.

After weeks from attending Johnny Walker’s The Black Circuit Lounge, I can’t help but to compare it to this party and I have say that this one was incredibly disappointing. However, to be fair, the two events served different purposes and obviously had different budgets.

It was quite a wet-weathered day in KL and queuing up at the registration to enter the club got me hit by a few drops of rain. Fortunately, the rain was already getting lighter that time otherwise, I cannot imagine. Didn’t seem like they had that covered.

Opera isn’t really a huge club but if the party was organised correctly, it could’ve been a crazy night. Stopping the free flow at the 10 was probably the worst decision they made. And to begin with, the drinks weren’t even that great. Couldn’t taste much of Hennessy VSOP in the cocktails, or any other alcohol for that matter; even after tens of glasses, I wasn’t feeling it. And when the free flow stopped, I was still sober as hell. That alone kinda killed the whole night for myself and the rest of the bloggers I was with. Not to mention that we are all light drinkers, and we weren’t planning to spend any cash there at all.

The new technology that they mentioned on the press release was perhaps what got me really hyped up about the event. Apparently the RFID wristbands given to the attendees were supposed to work as an instant Facebook updater but I tried it at the green screen photo booth and it didn’t work at all. It was supposed to tag me onto the photo on Facebook instantly, I believe.

Not quite sure if it was the device’s fault or the staffs’. I ripped the wristband open and found a microchip inside. Sorry, can’t show you the chip as I’ve lost it somewhere. Anyway, even till now, I still can’t find the photo I’ve taken at the booth. Don’t think it was uploaded to the Hennessy Facebook page at all.

That’s Kyoto Protocol rocking the stage. Unfortunately, the music couldn’t save me from the boredom that night.

The few of us left early. Those who stayed told me that the roof fell or something. Wow, how much worse could it have gotten? What a disaster.

My guest for the event, Wilee and yours truly.
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  1. Isaac Tan

    Well bro.. the night didnt really go well.. u should have been like me, went and took the pure unmixed hennessy.. unfortunately it got Janice drunk >< Anyway I was happy i saw you that night.. its the company that counts right! XD

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