Green Lantern Corps Party

It was a film pre-release-cum-environmental event of the film Green Lantern, held on 11 June at Artista Bar Restaurant, Tropicana City Mall.

I was invited to this by non other than Nuffnang. “Now be prepared to get psyched even before the movie premiere screening next week. Also, do expect heaps of fun on this coming Saturday night!” said on the invitation email. I was indeed quite psyched but I wasn’t even invited to the premiere screening of the film. However, I was very grateful that I was invited to this one because in overall it was a very entertaining event.
They had a male and female DJ from Mix FM (I think) to be the emcee of the party and they were great. The male was clearly a true fan of the Green Lantern comic series because he seemed to know everything about it. He even remembers the whole long-ass corny Green Lantern oath, which was quite impressive indeed.
They had free flow of non-alcoholic drinks and food throughout the event. This was perhaps one of only two things that I was disappointed with at the party. The foods were a little cheap and they didn’t taste fantastic. I was also disappointed that booze wasn’t served at all but that was understandable because of the purpose and multi-racial-ness of party.
They also took instant photographs for the invited guests. Here’s one taken with my date for the event, Tan Jia Yeen:
They also had us wearing some glow in dark accessories and temporary tattoos. Pretty neat.
The second thing I was disappointed with was the sound system of the place. It made the band “Lemang” sounded quite messy and weak.
Lemang have been around the local music scene for ages and I’ve seen them play live before this. They are a brilliant outfit. FYI, they are the first ever musicians in Malaysia to release an English pop album. They deserved more respect and better response from the audience but sadly I was the only one of the very few there who knew who they were.
These were the prizes that they were giving out on the night:
All the guests needed to do to win the prizes was to go up the stage and answer questions asked by the emcees. Too bad I was too egoistic to do so although I knew the answers to most of the questions.
They also ran a contest that involves designing a costume with recyclable items.
Perhaps the most brilliant performance and display of the whole party was the band of young drummers. Half of the drumming instruments they used were recycled objects.
Absolutely entertaining young bunch.
Before the closing performance by the opening band Lemang, they had yet another little prize-giving activity. It one managed to involve all of the guests at the party because it required participants to find the hidden Green Lantern replica rings to win the prizes.
There were a total of 7 or 8 rings to be found I recalled and each one of them states the prize that the finder was going to win. Dear friend and fellow blogger, Benjamin Foo, spotted one before the emcees even mentioned about the activity. He won a Green Lantern glow in the dark t-shirt.
The above are the winners. The gay-looking dude in the front of the back line won an iPod.
In overall, it was a successful event although it was a little strange that they tried to incorporate a Go Green campaign in conjunction with the release of the film because it was quite irrelevant to what Green Lantern was about. It would’ve perhaps served more relevant purpose if it was incorporated with “Captain Planet” instead.
To read my review on the film Green Lantern, go to this entry.
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  1. Kian Fai

    hahah well kind of disappointed because we get to join the party but cant attend the screening . . .right? 😛 anyways I do have fun in this party 🙂

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