Movie Review: Super 8 (2011)

Rated: PG-13
Genre: Science fiction, drama
Running Time: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
Director: J. J. Abrams
Cast: Elle Fanning, Amanda Michalka, Kyle Chandler

“In 1979, the US Air Force closed a section of Area 51. All materials were to be transported by train to a secure facility.In the darkness of night, the cargo train endures a spectacular crash before it reaches its final destination; the cargo and its fate remains a mystery.” – United International Pictures

Verdict: I was actually expecting this to be another experimental kind of monster film from J.J Abrams but it turned quite differently in a very positive way. It is like the 1986 movie “Stand By Me” incorporated with the elements and styles of Steven Spielberg and Abrams. Basically a very heartwarming sci-fi drama with humour; a tale about innocent friendship, love and family. The performance of the young actors are fantasy in my opinion. There wasn’t any movie quite like this in the past decade. However I was a little disappointed that it’s not as intriguing or terrifying as I hoped it’d be; and also that the CG of the monster doesn’t look convincing enough.

Favourite scene: (SPOILER BEGINS HERE) Definitely the last scene where Joe lets go of his mum’s locket necklace after it opens up to reveal the photograph inside. (SPOILER ENDS HERE)

Title in Cantonese: “Chiu Kaap Baat”; which could easily mean ‘super nosy’.

What exactly does the title mean? “Super 8 mm film (often simply called Super 8) is a motion picture film format released in 1965 by Eastman Kodak as an improvement of the older “Double” or “Regular” 8 mm home movie format.” – Wikipedia. It is basically the mini video camera used by the characters in the story. What a way to re-promote and sell an old-tech gadget. Instagram, anyone?

Rating: 4 / 5

Second opinion: “I didn’t expect much from it so it was okay to me.” – Iris Loong

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  1. Isaac Tan

    After thinking back, i guess i did like the movie, loved the way the characters were played out, but not the alien creature. Maybe I went into the movie with too much of an expectation on the creature. Lol..

    btw thanks for sharing the meaning of the Super 8 title, will link you up on my blog post bro.

  2. Kian Fai

    But still, I dun understand the Super 8 Movie meaning, all I know is this movie is advertise for KODAK and I do realize some part of movie scene seems to be Instagram effect.

    Good point over there Tony 🙂

  3. SIM YEE

    I actually didn't get why this movie title is Super 8. I tried counting the number of people working on the film but there's 6 of them only. Silly me~~ haha. And this movie made my blood pressure rise. No good.

  4. akerv

    We thought it was a combination of the director's favorite ("super 8") movies of this genre.. ET, Goonies, War of the Worlds, Close Encounters, Jurassic Park.. but we couldn't get to 8.

  5. Jiawen

    You know which was my favourite part? The one that the characters made. Forgot the phrase that the plump boy used…good something value? Hahaha

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