Celsius Restaurant + Bar, KL

Sizzle. Guzzle. Dazzle.

Celsius is a restaurant-cum-cafe-cum-bar-cum-club, basically a one-stop place for food, drinks, music, and dance floor.

The interior layout looks very cool and the environment is very comfortable. They have glowing lights around that change colours. 
They have a bar, of course, and good quality of tables and chairs, the ones inside would be removed before midnight, I presumed, to transform the place into a club. Sound system’s not shabby too. 
They also have a room inside for private dining or gatherings. I also saw some Shisha Hookahs outside.
According to the “Marketing Wizard” (title printed on his business card) of Celsius, Brian Santiego, their place is usually crowded on the weekends at night. It’s also quite lively on every Wednesday and Thursday nights due to their “Ladies’ Nights”. He strongly believes that it is all because of the lower price booze and the great environment that they are offering. He added that there were also nights that were exceptionally great due to the fashion and corporate events organised here. He also mentioned that he’s trying to bring more quality music DJs and live bands to Celsius for their customers’ pleasure.

I absolutely agree that the strongest point of Celsius is the environment, atmosphere and the price of their liquors. The current offer is two bottles for only RM490. This is also THE place for early drinkers as Celsius apparently have the longest “Happy Hour” period in KL, which is from 12pm to 9pm.

There were a variety of foods to choose from their “International Buffet”. Brian clarified that all the foods they serve here are pork-free but due to the sales of alcoholic drinks, they cannot be labeled as “halal”. The last call for the kitchen should be around midnight but pizzas would still be served until closing time, which is 3am.
(International Salad Bar – a wide range of salads to mix around with)
(Main dishes – the local cuisine; sweet & sour fish, ayam goreng berempah, chicken tandoori, etc)
(Main dishes – the western cuisine; pizza, roasted beef, spaghetti, etc)
(Desserts – jelly, etc)
(Dessert – DIY ais kacang)
(Dessert – Chocolate Lava)

Frankly speaking, the foods I taken weren’t at their best of taste. Most of their main dishes were already cold when I got there. They should really find a way to either keep their stuffs at the ideal temperature or replace them every half an hour to one.

There are two more things that I personally feel that they should improve – the attitude of the waiters and their inventory management. Not all of the waiters were nice and friendly or even attentive; and they also ran out of an ingredient that was needed to make a drink that one of us wanted to order that evening.

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Celsius Restaurant & Bar is located at Fahrenheit88, Bukit Bintang KL on Lower Ground 2 level of the mall. The place wasn’t easy to find because on that particular evening that I went, the elevators beside the lots were locked down by the mall, and the guards around were clueless when I asked them for directions. I had to go back to the basement carpark to walk out from there to the outer back of the mall.

For contact details and more infos about Celsius, visit their official website.
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