Concert Review: MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia

It was held on the 24th of July at i-City, Shah Alam with the line-up of Pop Shuvit, Beast, Neon Trees, and headlined by 30 Seconds to Mars.

I never paid much attention to MTV World Stage before this ‘cause I’m not a very huge fan of the current pop culture and mainstream music. What made me even more disinterested was that there wasn’t any hot female singer like last year. But I thought what the hell, since I had the VIP tickets. I won them from a Twisties Band Hero blogger event organised by Nuffnang a couple of weeks back. The host of that event was none other than the vocalist of local band Rosevelt, who opened for Incubus’ concert on the night before.
VIP ticket holders were given a special exclusivity. We had closer carpark, an express lane, our own compound, free flow of drinks, and a higher ground for a better view. It was way more comfortable compared to being in the pit at Incubus concert on the day before. Of course, we didn’t get to go close to the stage but at least we didn’t have to suffocate in the packed crowd of the hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of the normal ticket holders. The Hitz.FM DJs also hung out in the zone. Ean spotted the Michael Jordan jersey that I was wearing and complimented on it. He called out to J.J to tell him about it but he didn’t seem as interested.
The Hitz.FM DJs came on stage first to get the crowd going and then came the hosts of the show, MTV VJs Utt and Holly. The one pathetic thing about the event was how they got the hosts to play “question and answer” game with the audience and had them chanting the sponsors’ names (Mastercard, Twisties, and Xpax) by bribing them with limited cheap freebies.
A mascot was spotted in the crowd. They also had a remote control toy plane flying around above the audience throughout the whole event. Huge red balloons were set off for the crowd to play around with it. What a way to create a fun atmosphere. Bet it looks really cool on their cameras too. 

The concert officially kicked off around 7pm with the opening act by veteran local rock band, Pop Shuvit. They had the heaviest sound in terms of the music amongst the four band and they did well in getting the party started. Mambai was invited to the stage too to perform one song with the band before their collaboration group, Project E.A.R (East Asian Revolution) got out for some hard rap-rockin’. I’m not sure if he was the same Mambai who sang “Kau Ilhamku”, but he sounded like crap. There was one time that he went out of tune when he was trying to hit a higher note.

Korean pop boy band Beast was next. I was puzzled why our authorities allowed them to come. I thought they don’t encourage homosexuality in this country? These lip-syncing little girls also took a quite long time to change their outfits during their set. Besides the stage light effects and background visuals, there’s just nothing else that was commendable about their performance.
Neon Trees was the third and second last act of the gig. Their music may not be fantastic but they did bring the house down a little. The vocalist of the band is a true rocker. He has a terrible live-singing voice but he’s genuinely mad-wacky and passionate. It was just what the concert was missing before that. The last song of their set was of course none other than their hit single, “Animal” which got everyone singing along. This energetic performance will definitely boost the ticket sales of their concert in Bali on the 29th this month.
The headliners, 30 Second to Mars finally came on after a longer wait between the sets. The first song they played was an improvised version of  “A Beautiful Lie”. I captured the beginning of it with my mobile phone but couldn’t record the whole song due to the lack of space left;

The band is basically all Jared Leto. The girls screamed their lungs out when he takes off his shades. He did very well in controlling the crowd and getting all of us involved. He got everyone jumping and screaming. He also managed to get some of the people in the crowd to have their friends to sit on their shoulders. He also had a sentimental solo acoustic session playing “Hurricane” (I think) and “The Kill”. I was actually hoping that they’d perform “The Kill” as a whole but it wouldn’t be a great idea for them as it requires a lot from the vocals. But then again, it’s not like he’d ever sing the whole of any song live. He has a great pitch-perfect singing voice but he often gets the crowd to sing for him instead to either rest his throat or to save himself from embarrassment. However, I was quite impressed with his screams/growls.
There was a long encore break that saw hundreds actually left the scene. Most stayed because it was quite obviously that it wasn’t over just yet. 30 Seconds to Mars came back out to play the last song of the concert, “Kings and Queens”. Many from the crowd were openly invited to come on stage to head-bang to the song. It was quite amazing how things didn’t get out of hand.
The artists actually took this concert seriously, and I could tell that they tried to perform and entertain at their very best. I believe it was only because that they knew it was a huge occasion and were under specific requests from their managers and the organisers. After all, this was the first MTV World Stage ever to be shot and broadcasted in 3-D.
In overall, the event was surprisingly entertaining. I had a lot of fun too despite not really being a fan of any of the celebrities. The stage set-up, the environment, the lighting, fireworks, props, background visuals, sound system, the performances, the very responsive audience; basically almost everything was brilliant. Now that’s what you call “international standards”, yo. And man, I have never seen that many good lookin’ people at one place at the same time before. No doubt, it was one of the most enjoyable and comfortable high-end concert I’ve ever been to.

Cameras were strictly prohibited because MTV will be premiering the recording of the concert on the 8th of August for South East Asians. Malaysians, stick to your television at midnight on that day to catch the concert in 3D!

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  1. Nana Eddy

    Very detailed review~ now I wish I was there. I had been to MTV World Stage 2009 (held in Sunway) and I have quite enough of it already. Plus, the line ups don't really appeal to me this time~

    By the way, I don't think k-pop lovers would appreciate you branding BEAST as homosexual – or any other k-pop icons they droll over for that matter. They have different culture than us. Just because they look gay-ish, doesn't mean that they are. Just like the Bangladeshi, if you notice guys tend to walk holding hands. At first I thought it was too much gay-ish, until I learned that it was normal in their culture.

    Koreans are very traditional and conventional. If the icon is homosexual, I doubt they could ever debut in the 1st place. But then again, who know right?

    Hey, I have nothing for or against Korean pop culture. If you dislike it then, by all means do. I'm just stating the point. Sorry if I offend u in any way 🙂

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