Fortress Zero: Capture the Flag Laser Tag Tournament @ Galactic Laser

Fortress Zero: Capture the Flag Tournament was held by Galactic Laser at Mid Valley Megamall, KL Kuala Lumpur on the 31st of July 2011. It was the first flag-capture laser tag tournament ever in Malaysia.
Firstly, let’s have a brief review on the place. Comparisons between Galactic Laser and Laser Warzone (i-City Shah Alam) were already drawn on one of the previous entries. The place has a very comfortable environment and colourful fun-feel interior structure design.
Galactic Laser offers not only laser tag games but also a mini arcade and cafe as well. The cool spaceship-like corridor and the arcade reminds of Pizza Planet in Toy Story. They also have a couple of karaoke rooms to rent apparently.
As opposed to Laser Warzone, Galactic Laser‘s laser tag arena/battleground is multi-leveled and is designed for strategic style of gameplay. Therefore there are many places to hide and camp. The pricing is standard. RM55 for three 10-minute missions/games. Privileges as well such as level/power-ups and permanent name to the scoreboard are given to the members. So if you’re a beginner in laser tag, this is definitely not the place for you to go to unless you don’t mind being bullied.
Speaking of which, Nuffnang bloggers were invited to join in the Fortress Zero: Capture the Flag Tournament despite not having any experience in the game at all. We were told that we could train for free before the tournament but when my team got there, the arena was fully booked. That could be a miscommunication between Nuffnang and Galactic Laser but a waste of time for us nevertheless.

The rules were simple. League-style match-ups. Shoot thrice at opponents’ base device to capture flag, survive all the way back to team base and shoot thrice at team base device to gain mass points. Each frag is 1 point but it takes more than 5 shots to kill a player. Respawn time was set to 7 seconds. Team with higher score between the two in the match wins. I was quite unclear with the rules at first because they explained to all 8 teams at once without a voice volume enhancer of any kind. The unfair thing was that we weren’t told about the power-ups players could get if they shoot their own base device at the beginning of each game. The experienced teams knew about it all along.

The marshals there were friendly and encouraging, knowing that we were there as free frags to the experienced reigning champion and runner-up teams of previous tournaments. Seriously, they actually thought they could promote the game to the bloggers by having us pwned in most of the games? It wasn’t fun at all, if you asked me personally ’cause my team didn’t even manage to win a single game nor were we able to truly grasp the joy of laser tag. Furthermore each team could have had 6 players and we were told to form teams of only four. We were not only free frags that day, we were short supplies of high demands for kills.
The two bases were not positioned equally. One base was easier to guard and easier for offense than the other. There were arguments and fights between the then reigning champion team, SNSD, and the runner-up team due to some incidents during their games. Poor referee-ing may have caused the outbreak. SNSD, the team of 6 dudes with the Korean girl names at the back of their team uniforms, proved not only that they were a strong laser tag team, but also an aggressive and immature one. I respect their passion, but I just can’t tolerate teens that act like typical college brats. From what I heard, SNSD had lost to the runner-up team in the finals.
Simply put, it was a poor idea having the bloggers to participate in a tournament as competitive as this one. Not only did we not have fun, it was a failed attempt to market the game of laser tag as well. But nonetheless, I would like to thank you Nuffnang Glitterati Plus for the inviting us to this eye-opening event.
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