The Lounge @ GTower, KL

Fancy for a nice high end cafe for a peaceful cup of coffee or tea in KL? The Lounge is certainly an ideal place for that.
Located at the lobby of G City Club Hotel (also known as GTower) along Jalan Tun Razak in Kuala Lumpur, there’s perhaps no other place in the area with a more comfortable and classy environment.

The Lounge doesn’t on any crappy music either. Actually there wasn’t any music at all during my visit, which was good. At times, silence is more elegant than Beethoven. The waiters and waitresses have an unnatural friendly manners. But I believe we all could relate to that; it was on the weekends and in a fasting month. It really does suck to be working on these days.
Every ala carte and drink on menu cost less than RM15. Surprising indeed. They serve buffet for Ramadan too apparently but well, that’s not my story to tell. I was there only to taste the “Afternoon Meeting Tea Set,” a selection of 3 tier sandwiches, pastries or muffins and mini-cakes.
Bound to serve its purpose, the “Afternoon Meeting Tea Set” is perfect for light bites during meetings and can also be used to decorate discussion rooms even if it’s not to be eaten. Plus, it’s quite difficult for one person to finish the whole set. I personally loved the some of the pastries and mini-cakes. The offer also comes with coffee of choice or local tea.
Here’s the down side; one set of it costs RM45 and you might not get what you see in the image above. As stated clearly on the menu, the content is “as per chef discretion,” which means that you might a variety of sandwiches only or maybe even 3 tier of the same muffin.
But ‘fret not, folks ’cause MilkADeal will be coming up with a low-cost offer of this soon, so stay tuned as their deals do not stand for a long period of time.
In an unrelated note, there’s a rooftop bar called View on the highest level of G Tower hotel. If you have an active night life and deep pockets, you might wanna check that place out as well.
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