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PropWall is a Malaysian property and real estate investment website. Be it a house, an apartment, an office, a building, a cinema, or just a mere land, this website allows its users to search, buy and sell it all. Buyers can browse, read the details and the analyses of the properties, view the images, and leave their contacts for the registered agents to get in touch with them.

Although the header of the website does indeed say “, the main domain is actually .my and not .com. However users can still log on to the page with either one of the URL’s. It was probably a smart move by the owners to buy as many domains as viable for PropWall.

The website has a very simple layout. It’s very easy of the eye and nobody could possibly have a headache by just looking at it. On just the homepage, users are able to see the thumbnail images of the featured properties, lists of top properties, the top registered users, the search bar and many more. Users would have to scroll up and down for have them in sight.

Besides the tabs to go to pages to view properties, classifieds, photos and reports, there are also “Map” and “Answers”. I personally find the map really useful. It has all available properties pinned down to its own respective locations on Google Map with icons; just like the board game Monopoly (see screenshot below). Names, whereabouts and images can be viewed by maneuvering the cursor over them. The “Answers” page on the other hand is a mini forum for registered users to discuss about relevant topics. Perhaps the most unique feature of the PropWall is the mortgage calculator for users’ convenience.

Now, the question boils down to whether or not PropWall is the largest property resources website in Malaysia. Well frankly, I don’t think so. The domestic iProperty‘ website seems to have more properties to offer. And despite PropWall‘s simple layout, I feel that iProperty is more user-friendly as it’s easier to navigate and has more features like filtering options for property-searching.. Not to mention that iProperty‘s has almost everything brilliantly crammed on to the main page itself, which saves newbie users like myself a lot of time.

So if I were to browse for a property, it is quite clear which website I would prefer to use. PropWall would be probably still be used to cross-check on the particulars and the value of the selected properties.

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