Gig Review: ALoudAsia Vol. #2

Rich performing with his band, Estranged, at ALoudAsia Vol. 2.

Aloud Asia vol. 2 was a great gig in spite of not having a line-up of local music acts as technical, experimental and non-mainsteam as the previous occasion. Held on the 24th of September 2011 at the same venue, volume two was with a broader variety of music genres and a larger crowd than before.

The McCann Worldgroup-organised live music event was once again with consistent high quality of sound output. With that said, it is evident that Bentley Music Auditorium (in Mutiara Damansara Petaling Jaya) is one of the best venues to hold mini concerts like this as its acoustic environment would definitely justify all sound systems, audio equipments and music instruments. Pretty sure that the performers were pleased to play there as well.

Angie Lym and her band on stage at ALoud Asia #2.
Unlike ALoudAsia vol. #1, there were introductions and awkward interviews on the Malaysian musicians done by the emcee before each of acts begun. I also noticed that every band covered at least one song from international artists. I missed the first act by Eliza Thomas but according to fellow blogger BenjaminFoo(.com), she played a soft kind of music and her vocals was good.

Next up, there was Angie Lym, who played her jazz and alternative pop stuffs. The sweet and petite brave soul also covered Love Foolosophy from Jamiroquai. A decent performance in overall but it would have been much better if she had let herself go more and just drift into her music. Like her accent, her enthusiastic performance seemed forceful. It was good but it was a little controlled and I couldn’t “feel it.”

Bohemian performing at ALoudAsia #2.

For the third act, we had a band who called themselves Bohemian and was releasing an album entitled Rhapsody. Queen anybody? They had only been together for seven months but were already gelling very well together. The all-Malay band played some of their contemporary English pop punk rock songs. Good showmanship by the vocalist. His movements were feminine-like but very energetic, much like Freddie Mercury. Many of their supporters were present and cheering for them, which was great but the name “Bohemian” followed by “Rhapsody” might just be too big for them to carry.

Beat the System brought the house at ALoud Asia vol. 2.

The next act was my personal favourite. The loudest and most energetic band of the gig, hands down. They were so loud, my ears were tingling the whole time during their performance. This band thrilled the crowd and got almost everyone head-banging. Beat the System was what they called themselves and initially, I thought what’s with all these unoriginal band names today? Theirs is similar to a song called Fuck the System by System of a Down but they really rocked and brought the house down. The hard-rocking nu metal band have been together since 2004 and according to them, they never quite made it as musicians. But thanks to this little event, they were noticed. Or by me at least. This is what ALoudAsia is all about, a platform to promote both new and old undiscovered local music talents. The content of Beat the System‘s music truly justifies their name. Their Drowning Pool and Metallica-influenced sounds were incredibly enjoyable but the lack of originality was perhaps the reason for their failure to succeed.

Paperplane Pursuit was featured at Aloud Asia 2.

Paperplane Pursuit was the fourth performer of the day. The signed band had promotional banners and introduction sound effects that seemed a little overwhelming for the occasion. They took on Neon TreesAnimal as their cover number. Most of the people sat down on the ground when the emo pop rock outfit was playing. Some even took long toilet breaks. Personally, I wasn’t impressed by their music either.
Estranged performed Itu Kamu at ALoudAsia 2.

Estranged was certainly the most anticipated band of the concert. There really isn’t much to say about them as they were often consistent with their live performances. “So what do you all wanna hear?” the casually dressed vocalist, Rich, asked the audience after his band played a few numbers. Most screamed Itu Kamu while some cried out for Aurora. He then responded, “Aurora lah,” gesturing his reluctance to play Itu Kamu which he seemed to be sick of. Even so, Estranged played the hit single anyway and got the crowd singing along out loud. I noticed Rich looking at the screen of the monitor below for lyrics when the band was covering Foo FightersWalk. Although their rendition was unoriginal, I was delighted that they played it.

Altimet and band was the final act for Aloud Asia volume 2.

Altimet was the final act of the gig. His stuffs sounded like hip hop incorporated with the sort of music I used to hear on RTM television channels. Not my cup of tea but the rapper/DJ had plenty of Malay supporters present for his performance.

The event ended with opportunities for the fans to take photographs with the performers. It was truly amazing how casually organised and yet successful the concert was. I can’t wait for the next ALoud Asia. Hopefully it will be held at the same time and place with a more sophisticated and non-mainstream line-up.

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  1. Nana Eddy

    I quite like paperplane pursuit's "Goodbye" but, yeah, that song might not fit the energy after hard rock beat the system. That might be why they didn't stand out. But I wasn't there so… hehe
    Hopefully I can make it for vol3.

  2. [SK]

    this is a good platform and exposure to the underground band to get more popularity.. and i think many of them are just superb talents waiting to be discovered..

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