Justberrys Dessert House @ Sunway Pyramid

JustBerrys dessert house Pink berrys Sunway Pyramid desserts mango
Justberry‘s Mango Loh dessert (RM6.50)
Otherwise known as: Pinkberrys Dessert House (name of the first outlet at Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca)
Type: Dessert
Location: Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Selangor, Malaysia
Price range: RM4.50 – RM13.50
Loyalty card: n/a
Contact no: (+6)012.635 1331 or (+6)012.6318668 – Jacky Ong
Open hours: 10am – 10pm (presumably)
Car park: Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall parking lot
WIFI: n/a

Website: justberrys.com.my

Just Berrys dessert house Sunway Pyramid fruits cups
Clockwise from top left; Snowy Goldenmango (RM7.00), Mango Sunnymangmelon (RM6.50), Cocomango (RM 5.50), Sweetie Strawberrys (RM7.00)
JustBerrys Pinkberrys dessert house Sunway Pyramid outlet durian
Clockwise from top left; Milky Durian Frezze (RM10.50) and Longan Sea Coconut (RM7.00), Justberrys Durian Cendol (RM6.50), Justberry Dessert House Sunway Pyramid outlet, Justberrys Pandan Cendol (RM4.50)

Verdict: Justberrys Dessert House do not offer as many dessert and smoothie choices as places like My Honeymoon Dessert but they do have one or two stuffs that I really liked. The lead ingredients aren’t necessarily berries but still fruits – mainly mangos, D24 durians and Cameron Highland strawberries. Apart from the beans and the strawberries, everything else are imported from Malacca so the consistency of the taste would definitely be there. The pricing, I feel, is perhaps the biggest barrier. I believe most people could pay a much lower price for a bigger portion of stuffs like cendol. The other issue, as already mentioned, is the lack of choices. If the consumers have different fruit preferences then there goes a part of the market to their competitors.

Favourite and most unusual: Milky Durian Frezze (RM10.50) – the combination of butter cake, durian and vanilla ice-cream is quite exceptional to me. Absolutely delicious and may be addictive due to its small portion and high price.

Least favourite: Justberrys Durian Cendol (RM6.50) – it’s RM2 more expensive than the Pandan Cendol just because of the little pile of D24 durian on top. Horrible combination as the fruit overpowers the taste of the cendol.

Try not to laugh at… the names. But yes, Justberrys, Pinkberrys and whatever “berrys” do indeed sound plurally and metaphorically wrong.

Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Nava.K

    The one with durian you looks good but I am not all for this fruit as I would rather try the cocomango. Though I happen to be in Sunway quite often, I missed this place and sure will check out the next round.

  2. Eric Lee

    The milky durian freeze is very good…surprisingly..however, even though slightly over-priced, i still think their cendol is quite good…may be because of the gula melaka used la…cannot find any that are as good as the ones they imported from melaka..haha

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